Using email addresses for powerful
online fraud risk scoring.

Grow your business, not your risk. We provide powerful network intelligence and predictive fraud risk scoring to enable the one-click experience that your
customers expect.

Email Risk Assessent

The Emailage Formula

The Emailage Formula

Email Address + Global Network + Machine Learning Algorithms = Email Risk Score

Our online fraud risk scoring uses email address metadata as a basis for transactional risk assessment and digital identity validation. With a clear picture of who is behind a transaction, you can expedite approvals, prevent chargebacks, automate workflows and optimize manual review.

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Key Benefits

Putting customers and productivity first.

Get the competitive edge by providing real-time fraud detection and digital identity validation to enable the one-click experience your customers expect.

Improve customer experience

Assess risk and confirm identity, without adding friction for your customers.

Reduce fraud losses

A fraud hit rate of up to 60% means you can focus on growth areas.

Scale business, not risk

Our global presence allows you to expand into new markets, without additional risk.

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Know who is behind a transaction.

See how EmailRisk Score helps companies confirm identity, increase approvals and reduce fraud losses.

Break the silos and fight network-to-network.

Organized fraud rings have no regard for industry or region, only a combined network can stop them. When companies work together, identifying new fraud tactics and stopping them cold is much easier.

Our global intelligence network unites industry-leading companies across the globe. With Emailage, you get instant access to fraud signals associated with over 40 million unique email addresses connected to IP addresses, domain names, phone numbers and more. Our massive network works for you  because positive signals from these elements can help you approve more customers and stop more fraud.

Our Approach

Since the beginning, Emailage has worked to build something that connects companies in the fight against global fraud. This belief is why we treat you like a partner — because you are.

Our in-house fraud decision science team is available every step of the way. This team monitors the latest fraud trends, patterns, behaviors and events to continually refine our controls. We’re dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of our full capabilities in a way that works for your business:

  • Custom modeling tailored to your business model
  • Real-time network updates and monitoring
  • Dedicated decision science resources

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Fight fraud. Give your customers the experience they deserve.

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