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At a time when online fraud is costing companies billions of dollars each year, Emailage has emerged as a key player to help companies reduce these losses. Our predictive online fraud risk score allows companies to assess risk using email address reputation, behavior and metadata.


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We unite companies across the globe in the fight against fraud. Our leadership team brings together diverse backgrounds to ensure we exceed customer expectations and our own high standards, in all industries and verticals facing digital fraud.

Amador is a fraud prevention expert with nearly two decades of experience on leading product management and strategy to combat fraud. He is an industry leader in online fraud, identity theft mitigation and cybercrime investigations.

Amador was the Head of Banking & Global Card Acquisitions at American Express and a SVP at Citigroup, leading initiatives to mitigate fraud in over 26 countries.

Amador Testa

Chief Product Officer

With over 15 years of experience in global risk management, Tim has helped international businesses reduce risk profiles and protect revenue. In the fraud prevention industry, he’s known as a key ambassador for Emailage, empowering companies to join forces in the fight against fraud. As the Chief Partnership Officer, Tim is responsible for developing and expanding growth for Emailage’s strategic partners around the world.

Tim White

Chief Partnership Officer

Cassio has more than 20 years of experience in management consulting, financial services and fraud, having worked at Booz-Allen & Hamilton, JPMorgan Chase, Citi and LifeLock.

Cassio enjoys listening to jazz music, watching soccer and spending time with his family.

Cassio Mello

Chief Strategy Officer

Rafael is a technology professional with 15+ years of software development, consulting and leadership experience, from growing an early-stage startup, to architecting systems for many Fortune 100 companies.

Rafael enjoys trying new sushi places with his wife and traveling with his family.

Rafael Loureiro

Chief Technology Officer

Tom has over 15 years of global sales expertise with outstanding product development strategy and growth initiatives guidance. He has been the SVP of Sales for Malwarebytes and Zscaler, driving direct and channel distribution across all market segments. He was Executive GM at Trend Micro leading the global product and marketing team, and President of Trend Micro USA, where he spearheaded sales and marketing teams to achieve record increases in growth and customer satisfaction.

Tom Miller

Chief Revenue Officer

Matt started his career in investment banking before moving into operational finance roles within high growth technology companies. Over the course of his 20 year finance career, Matt has played an instrumental role in helping companies scale successfully and achieve long term strategic objectives. When not crunching numbers, Matt is firing up the bbq or looking for other ways to unwind with three girls at home.

Matt Guimbarda

Chief Financial Officer

It’s very rewarding to be a part of an innovative company and product with such great acceptance and future potential.

June Johnson

Product Owner/QA Team Lead


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