How our Email Fraud Risk Assessment Works

Use an email address -- which is likely information a customer has already provided to you for a transaction -- to predict fraud risk in real time for any transaction or any application anywhere in the world.

Utilize Our Simple API and Gain More

Our solution is running right now in production environments around the world. We provide API access freely with libraries in JAVA, .NET, PHP, Python, Javascript and more.

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The Emailage solution was created with your business model in mind:

It assigns each email address a unique fraud risk score and provides a recommendation to help your team take action on transactions associated with the email address. With this valuable information provided in real time, your fraud analysts can predict the potential risk associated with a transaction, cut their case loads, and focus on the likely riskier transactions for fraud review.

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Chrome Extension and Firefox Add-on

Simply install in your Chrome or Firefox browser to start analyzing emails extracted from any web page. The extension will automatically detect an email address on the current page and will display an icon to click for analysis. It's that easy!

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Emailage is not a consumer reporting agency. Therefore we do not create credit reports and we do not advise the use of email address risk scores for credit evaluation or certain other purposes including employment.