Innovative Fraud Prevention

Emailage delivers an intelligent risk score that is derived from reputation far beyond a black list or simple validation check. We use sophisticated machine learning and proprietary algorithms that evolve with new fraud trends to provide real time alerts of risky transactions. Our vast consortium of data that spans across industries and regions of the world provides powerful insights far beyond transactional data. With 90% of confirmed fraud discovered by Emailage not previously having a loss reported, it truly is a proactive approach to fraud strategy.

No Sensitive Data Shared or at Risk

You don’t need to compromise data security to understand how your transactions fit in with the broad landscape of fraud. Unlike solutions that require you to transmit sensitive data to determine fraud risk, our solution only requires an email address. The value of our fraud score exceeds those of solutions based on transactional data because ours is derived from sophisticated machine learning that identifies new trends globally as they surface.

Pinpoint High Risk, Expedite Low Risk

It’s more than just stopping the bad guys, it’s also about creating an enjoyable experience for your good customers. A low Emailage fraud score indicates positive historical data, so you can confidently approve transactions even if the customer is new to you. This is a step beyond solutions where a low score indicates only a lack of data. Our clients see a faster approval rate for 60% of their transactions, allowing them to increase customer satisfaction rates.

Conversely, Emailage can quickly identify fraudsters with real time processing. Emailage’s proprietary algorithms evolve with new fraud trends providing an extremely accurate indicator for those flagged as high risk. With a 25% hit rate, our clients gain insights far beyond what can be seen with transactional data alone.

Email Address as a Key Data Element

Email addresses are independent of any geographical boundaries, payment methods or device technologies. This means no matter what part of the world you are doing business with or how that transaction takes place, you can use email addresses to gain key insights about risk. With evolving new payment methods, emerging buying platforms and more streamlined ordering processes email address is a consistent method of risk analysis.

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Plug and Play Fraud Prevention

With easy to use integration options, Emailage can sit anywhere in your transaction process and is complementary to any fraud strategy. Pick and choose which interfaces meet your needs.


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Emailage is not a consumer reporting agency. Therefore we do not create credit reports and we do not advise the use of email address risk scores for credit evaluation or certain other purposes including employment.