How much is fraud costing your business?

Fraudsters are using any means necessary to cash out on your business. All retailers accepting payments online are the target of organized fraud rings who are taking advantage of the fact that no physical card is required for purchase. Download the white paper to see why one former fraudster calls the email address “one hell of a fraud indicator.”

Prevent fraud before it costs you money

One in four businesses has been hit by fraud and the cost of lost sales, lost product, and processing fees due to fraud can be devastating. In a world of disposable devices and consumer nomads, what can you do to prevent fraud?

The email address continues to stand alone as the one uniquely identifying piece of information required in nearly every online transaction, and 91% of users surveyed have had their email addresses for three or more years. Security features like multi-factor authentication have made stealing an existing email address harder, leaving fraudsters scrambling to create new ones for fraudulent purchases.

Download the whitepaper to see how you can prevent fraud and strengthen your bottom line today.

“We’ve seen a very compelling ROI from Emailage. We definitely expanded the program from where we started and we only did that because we found value in it.”

Senior Fraud Analyst, Top Apparel Brand