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Powerful risk score based on an email address.

In today’s one-click world, a frictionless customer experience is the new competitive edge. That’s why our email risk score is a unique fraud prevention layer providing results in real time.

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Trending Topic: Social Engineering Fraud

Amador Testa shares real examples of how fraudsters use social engineering methods to trick the unaware into giving up personal info.


Webinar: Taking the Axe to Account Takeover Attacks

Large scale data breaches have given fraudsters easy access to customer identities. What do they need to cash out? An email address.


Gartner 2018: Identity Proofing Report

More than ever, it pays to know who is behind a transaction. Check out the "Gartner Market Guide for Identity Proofing & Corroboration" report.


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Use Emailage directly in your risk engine, or integrate with leading fraud platforms.

Your security is our priority

Your security is our priority

We're committed to providing industry-leading security and compliance best practices.

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