Travel, Hospitality & OTA Fraud Prevention

Emailage offers one solution with global reach.

The airline, hospitality and OTA industry uses the internet to streamline booking, reinforce brands and create a positive customer experience. While consumers are quick to take advantage of convenience, so are fraudsters. To deliver an optimal customer experience and reduce fraud levels, you need a fraud prevention tool with global reach.

Specialized Solutions for Airlines, Hospitality & OTA

We developed specialized risk assessment models for travel and hospitality companies that take fraud prevention to new heights.

Our aggregated scoring model uses the email address as a foundation, enhanced with other important data elements to fight back against threats facing the travel and hospitality industry. The result? Emailage empowers you to combine transaction risk assessment and online identity validation for every booking around the globe.

  • Full identity validation based on email, phone, customer name, address and more
  • Comprehensive risk assessment driven by historical data
  • Network intelligence as an additional layer of global protection

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See how tripsta was able to approve more transactions while cutting manual review by 20%.

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