Emailage For Online Lending

The rise of online lending has lead to near-instant approval of loans. Applicants can apply (and be approved) for multiple loans in a matter of days, or even hours, as technology allows for partially automated underwriting, depositing often occurs within hours of approval. It’s becoming increasingly more challenging to find the right balance between detecting fraudsters and converting good customers.


We developed specialized risk assessment models for online lenders. This aggregated scoring model utilizes the email address as a foundation, enhanced with other important data elements to fight against specific threats facing online lenders. We empower you to combine transaction risk assessment and online identity validation for every card-not-present transaction.

  • No added friction to user journey
  • Increase conversion rate for genuine customers
  • Stop fraudsters at account registration (or earlier)

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See how a global Lending merchant cut fraud by half, with a 72% hit rate.

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