Financial Institutions, Banking & Online Lending

The speed of online banking and lending comes at a cost.

More than ever, fraudsters have financial companies in the crosshairs. Why? Because the payoffs from financial fraud are much larger. Organized fraud rings are eager to exploit things that customers expect, like instant approvals. Emailage has been providing financial fraud prevention solutions to the top card issuers, money transfer companies, online lenders and subprime lenders since its inception.

Specialized Financial Solutions

We developed specialized risk assessment models fine-tuned for the financial industry.

Traditional fraud prevention strategies and “siloed” data aren’t as adaptable to new threats. In the one-click world, where results matter in real time, Emailage empowers you to combine transaction risk assessment and online identity validation. Our aggregated scoring model utilizes the email address as a foundation, enhanced with other data elements designed to fight back against threats facing the financial industry.

  • Full identity validation based on email, phone, customer name, address and more
  • Comprehensive risk assessment driven by holistic data points
  • Network intelligence provides an additional layer of protection, velocity tracking and monitoring new threats in real time

Featured Case Study

See how a global financial services company prevented $20 million in fraudulent account openings.

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