Senior Database Administrator

Emailage Corporation, Chandler, AZ seeks Senior Database Administrator –

Installing and configuring relevant database components to ensure database access as well as database consistency and integrity.  Design and development using relational databases including UDB DB2 and MySQL as well as monitoring, optimizing, and reporting on database performance within the system, including stored procedures execution time.  Implementing database efficiency improvements, index tuning, disk utilization and optimization using tools including IBM Data studio.  Establishing performance standards to identify thresholds which indicate the onset of performance issues.  Designing, documenting, and implementing redundant systems, policies, and procedures for disaster recovery and data archiving.  Administering security and disaster recovery of databases, including backup, recovery, security audits, database health checks, and disaster recovery testing and planning using shell scripts on AIX and Linux environments.  Planning and coordinating data migrations between systems and environments from RDBMS to NoSQL databases such as HBase, Hive and MapReduce.  Creating data models for new database development and/or changes to existing ones and implementing business logic using procedural languages.  Handling incident tickets including problem isolation, analysis, root cause, and solution implementation. Conducting research and making recommendations on database products, services, protocols, and standards.  Developing routines for end-users to facilitate best practices within the database.  Conferring with end-users, clients, or senior management to define business requirements.

Requires Bachelor’s (or foreign educ. equiv.) Degree in Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Engineering or related field and Five (5) yrs. (post-degree, progressive) experience in the Job Offered.  Experience must have included at least two (2) yrs. in each of the following: Design and development using relational databases including UDB DB2 and MySQL; Implementing business logic using procedural languages; Migrating projects to Big Data environment using HBase, Hive and MapReduce; Use of Shell scripts on AIX and Linux environments; and Use of tools including IBM Data studio.

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