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Are You Prepared for These Emerging Online Fraud Trends?

Originally published at The Paypers

In the fight against new online fraud trends, data is a great asset, but so are people, says Amador Testa, the CPO of Emailage

One of my favourite parts about my role at Emailage is discussing the unique fraud prevention industry with my peers. Having a common enemy in organized fraud rings incentivizes the sharing of knowledge and intelligence, sometimes even among competitors.

One commonality I’ve noticed in recent conversations is a focus on creating an effective yet streamlined way to verify customer identity for digital orders. In this piece, I’m going to share a bit more about some trends and how we fit into the conversation.

As we all know, massive data breaches imply there’s a lot of personal data for sale on the dark web, making digital identity validation and transaction risk assessment increasingly difficult.

Here, we move into a tough reality: what happens when all the data appears to match, yet the person using it to transact isn’t the true owner?

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