Emailage is a B2B company with a focus on providing companies with the resources to decrease the amount of dollars lost due to fraudulent transactions. We identified a widely desired need to offer merchants better tools to help mitigate fraud, and automated detection is a key component. With eCommerce sales and online transactions requiring an email address increasing each year, it’s imperative to find a solution to help bypass the manual review process for those low risk orders that ultimately end up being accepted, and to quickly identify potentially fraudulent transactions right on the spot. Emailage helps businesses get to that end decision faster and with more confidence.

Emailage uses advanced, machine learning technology to provide more than basic email address information. Our Email Fraud Risk Assessment solution helps keep transactions moving forward without it being labor intensive for your business. We offer a robust logic and scoring algorithm, in conjunction to our semantic database, which makes our solution truly authentic and impossible to match.

We utilize secure cloud based tools to validate and confirm the existence of email addresses and to determine the fraud risk associated with them. Through 6 different interface solutions, your business can begin to detect online fraud activity at an earlier stage through real-time validation. Thanks to the cloud, these great resolutions come with low cost, low risk and lightning fast results. We are constantly adding to our database of verified email addresses and creating partnerships with new data sources which allow us to increase our commitment back to you.

Our Team

The Emailage crew is a mixture of dynamic, focused and talented individuals who enjoy working hard to help your business thrive and rest easy knowing that only legitimate transactions are being closed and processed. Our core team has proven experience with several technology companies in various segments such as financial services, banking, automation, data security and telecommunications. We want businesses to focus on what truly matters to them and not have to worry about the headaches in between. On a daily basis, Emailage brings its clients flawless performance that delivers dramatic results.

Data Security and Privacy

We know that data protection and privacy issues can have a strong impact on all business and industry sectors across the globe. We understand that compliance with the law and protecting corporate and individuals' privacy is not just a legal issue.

Failure to respect people's privacy or ensure security of important data such as a simple email address can severely damage a company's reputation and this is one of the reasons why we designed our systems to ensure the integrity of our stored and transmitted data as secure and compliant as it can possible be. Our systems and network engineers have been using the most recent technologies to improve the protection of our data and services against application and network exploitations, DDOS attacks and all types of malicious attempts. As part of our promise to our customers, we:

  • will NEVER Expose, Share, Sell Any Data With Anyone
  • maintain a secure End-to-end Data Exchange Integration
  • utilize the latest firewall and intrusion detection systems
  • offer a world-class secure infrastructure
  • boast a segmented development environment
  • use an encrypted database to house data

Self Regulatory Frameworks

Last modified: May 20, 2013

As described in our Safe Harbor certification, we comply with the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the US-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the US Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use and retention of personal information from European Union member countries and Switzerland. Emailage has certified that it adheres to the relevant Safe Harbor Privacy Principles. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, and to view Emailage’s certification, please visit the Safe Harbor website.

Safe Harbor

Emailage Corporate Facts

We are a private business-to-business company with solutions designed around email verification and validation. Our core team has proven experience with several technology companies in various industries such as financial services, retail, systems design and deployment, network and application security and telecommunications. We are a fast growing company looking forward to have your business.

Our Locations

Phoenix HQ

1490 S Price Road, Suite 218
Chandler, Arizona 85286
Phone: 1-866-936-2452

California Office

910 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, California 90401
Phone: 1-866-936-2452

Canada Office

61 Windsor Crescent
Barrie, ON L4N 0K4
Phone: 647.477.5100

Brazil Office

SHIS QI 15 Conjunto 09 Casa 01
Brasília DF - Brasil.
CEP: 71635-290
Tel: 061 3248-5798 | 4003-5570

Email Fraud

Email Risk Score Index (ERSI)

Emailage has an innovative and unique methodology to determine the risk associated with an e-mail address based on a series of attributes of the e-mail address and its information available on the Internet.