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No PII or historical data required - That Simple

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What We Do

  • Value far beyond email validation, blacklist, or comparative analytics
  • Machine learning algorithms that identify fraud trends across the landscape of different industries and regions
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Emailage Machine Learning Algorithm

Email Address as a Key Data Element

Cross-Platform, independent of any geographical boundaries, payment methods or device.

Email Address is a Global Identifier

Non Sensitive Transactional Data

Worldwide Email Reputation

Use it Independently or Through a Fraud Platform

Plug and Play Fraud Prevention

With easy to use integration options, Emailage is available through many fraud platforms, and can sit anywhere in your transaction process as it is complementary to any fraud strategy.

Pick and choose which interfaces meet your needs.

  • Rest API
  • Web manual search
  • File upload / Batch Processing
  • Browser Extension (Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer)
  • URL / HTTP Get
  • SFTP
  • Ask us about the Fraud Platforms we are already integrated with.

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