Email addresses play an integral role in online identification

Our patent-pending solution provides an added layer of security
to your existing validation process, by determining the fraud
risk associated to an email address.

With real time risk score analysis, we provide critical information
about an email address that helps your business reduce fraud at
the point of transaction.

This powerful information enables your business and fraud to
make quicker and smarter decisions on how to proceed with
potentially fraudulent transactions, and to know which customers
are the real deal.

Our scoring system was created with your business model in mind

The Email Risk Score Assessment solution assigns each email address a unique score,
and based on the associated risk you can use the score reason and recommendation as
a guideline to decide which actions to take for transactions associated with the email address.

With this valuable information provided in real time, your fraud analysts can determine
the potential risk associated with an email address, or rest assured knowing the transaction
is legitimate.

Email Risk Score Assessment provides real time process reporting for all interfaces.

  • Usage reporting based on individuals, groups, and entire company
  • Timeline reporting by date range and time of day
  • Customizable reporting by risk score ranges
  • CSV download and data export available
  • Chart analysis by categories and risk status with drill down options
  • Crunch data results by using our free analytics tool

Fit the needs of your business model and technical team.

Choose any one or all of these interface solutions at NO additional cost. We are a Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS), meaning there is NO software to install and you can be up and running in no time.

Web Manual Search

Enter one or more emails or copy and paste from a large list and voilĂ , the results will be popping up as the list is still being processed. You can crunch the data results by using our free analytics tool.

File Upload / Batch Processing

Your system isn't integrated to our API yet? Not a problem, you can still export the email list from your legacy system and import it in our system for batch processing. You will receive an email as soon as the list is processed.


Schedule automatic and secure file exchange and processing through SSL using your company's SFTP server or Emailage's servers. You can sync single files or even entire folders at once.


Get risk information for one or multiple emails by simply calling a certain URL from inside your existing application or by using any browser. All the results will be returned through secure SHA-256bit encryption.

Google Chrome Extension

Simply install the extension in your Chrome browser to start analyzing emails extracted from any web page. The extension will automatically detect an email address on the current page and will display an icon to click for analysis. It's that easy!
Click here to download and install.


Automate the email fraud risk assessment process by integrating to our REST API. The API access is free and we will provide all information necessary to integrate your existing applications. We support any language and provide SDKs for Javascript, JAVA, .NET, PHP and etc...

Firefox Add-on

Similar to Chrome Extension, install the Add-on in your Firefox browser to verify the risk based on emails from any web page. This Add-on will scan, detect and be one click away from giving you a fraud risk score. Extremely helpful!
Click here to download and install.

Emailage serves enterprise customers in many different industries and countries with a real time solution that is global in both reach and coverage. Our Email Risk Score Verification tool has significant impact in the following areas.


Safeguard against lost sales and revenues:

  • Reduce potential fraud of online transactions
  • Minimize chargebacks
  • Quickly confirm positive transactions of good customers
  • Maintain high level of customer experience

Financial Services

Emailage provides insight and analysis of the fraud risk associated with new accounts and credit bust out. Reduce potential fraud of:

  • international money transfers
  • cash transfer via email
  • new account originations
  • Credit card and loan applications
  • Prepaid cards
  • Account modifications
  • Account takeover

Payment Service Providers

Real time fraud detection solution providing an additional layer of fraud prevention for payment processors and gateways.